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head, and have really nice lips. I never realized how nice they were until
I was complimented on them so much by men I have blown, or was blowing...I also have a physical disability, one that doesn't limit me in any way,
nor do I consider it something to be ashamed of. I have Cerebral Palsy, a
very mild case, and the only thing that lets you know I am "different" is
the fact that I walk with a stiff gait...every thing else works perfectly,
including my mouth, which has NO gag reflex, and my still tight hole that
has only been "busted" twice in my entire life. Not because men weren't
interested, but simply because I have always been orally fixated. The
times I was mounted, were pleasant, and hot...one of my suitors, a black
man of 68, whom I still regularly see, the other, a friend whom I have
known for years.I am surprised at how many men have come to enjoy my talents over the
years. I must be doing something right, since I have many regulars that
come to me, for relief of the oral kind. It's a good thing I don't work 5
days a week due to a job that allows me to have some flexibility, because
since I am off every week on the same days I can always expect my "buddies"
to come by. Sometimes, before they come into my house, I watch them
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Being called a nasty, cum sucking crippled faggot has made me blow a load
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to make me beg and become the cock slut I am. One gentleman requests that
I put on a wig while I suck him. Sometimes his smell is enough to make me
cum, and I love to watch is eyes roll back in his head when he begins to
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